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Is it possible to eat raw mushrooms champignons

Despite the abundance of recipes, many do not stopto worry about the question of whether it is possible to eat champignons raw. In this case, people are guided by the fact that fresh mushrooms retain more useful substances. This is true, the organic mushrooms contain organic acids, proteins, minerals and vitamins such as D, PP, E, B group, micronutrients can contain phosphorus, iron, potassium and zinc. Of course, without heat treatment, more useful substances are stored in the mushrooms, but everyone should independently relate the possible risk and benefit.

So, if we talk about whether it is possible to eatchampignons raw, it is necessary to know that for this use it is necessary to use exclusively fresh mushrooms. Even with proper storage, their shelf life is usually less than 5 days. Of course, if you buy them directly from the manufacturer on the farm, then you know exactly how much they are stored. But if you buy mushrooms in the market, then it's almost impossible to find out how many days ago they were collected, because they stayed with the farmer for a while before they were bought by wholesalers, they waited for the retailer, and only then they got on the counter on the market or in the supermarket.

With prolonged storage in them formedCholine - a sufficiently toxic substance for humans. Therefore, the question of whether it is possible to eat champignons raw, if you do not know how many days they are, the answer will be unambiguous. To use such mushrooms without heat treatment is dangerous enough. Even if the seller honestly tells you that he received fresh champignons only today, he can not say how many days ago they were picked up.

In addition, these mushrooms, like a sponge, soak inyourself all from the environment. If you decide to collect and go to the forest, where the champignons grow, so that you have fresh and environmentally friendly mushrooms on your table, you must be extremely cautious. Many people say that the mushrooms perfectly absorb the exhausts of cars, all emissions from nearby factories and other toxic substances. At independent gathering it is important not to confuse them with a pale toadstool, on which they are very similar. Carefully inspect each mushroom, under the hat there should be a film - it indicates that the mushroom is young.

If you are still worried about your health, thenit is better not to take risks and do not even know if you can eat raw champignons. The more heat treatment will be carried out, the less chance you will have to get poisoned even by stale mushrooms.

Doctors say that before usingany mushrooms it is desirable to boil. Even if you are not a supporter of raw food and you are not interested in whether you can eat mushrooms raw, you are accustomed to simply fry them or throw them into soup without pre-treatment, then you still have a chance to hurt your health. Before cooking, pre-cook them: this will help neutralize most of the toxic substances, cleanse of practically invisible particles of earth, fungi or even rot.

Of course, if you have your own growing farmchampignons and you are sure of their quality, in this case you can safely use them fresh. But with the slightest doubt, it is better not to risk and subject the product to heat treatment.

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