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How to freeze chanterelles mushrooms

If chanterelles are small, small in size, theirthe hat is tight, without fringe, then they can be frozen whole without boiling. If the chanterelles are larger than the average size, then when they are frozen, they will take up a lot of space or crumble if they start to be rammed. So it all depends on the size of the chanterelles.

Of course it's better to boil. And then freeze. They will take up less space, when they boil they will lose excess fluid. Do not boil for long, about ten minutes. Boil, drain the water. Then put in a plastic bag, bags, buckets of plastic and put in the freezer. Brew without salt of course. In winter it is good to fry potatoes with mushrooms and to remember the summer.

There are two ways to freeze chanterelles, the first- raw without boiling, and the second with boiling. Both methods have pros and cons. So without boiling, chanterelles can be bitter, but this can be avoided by using young and fresh mushrooms to freeze. And if you boil mushrooms, they lose taste and aroma, and their appearance also suffers. But the boiled chanterelles do not bitter and take up less space in the refrigerator. So everyone decides for themselves whether to boil chanterelles or not.

But, if it concerns me personally, I would freeze the raw mushrooms, and then they would defrost them and cook them as usual.

In order to freeze chanterell mushrooms for the winter you need:

  • Freshly picked mushrooms pick from marriage, land and forest litter.
  • Allow them to dry out a little on a paper towel, but no preliminary washing is required, otherwise they will become watery and lose flavor and appearance
  • Fold the chanterelles in one layer on a tray (pan, large plate, cardboard, etc.), covered with polyethylene film. Then place it in the freezer and freeze the chanterelles.
  • Portrays the frozen mushrooms in bags and put them in the freezer.

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