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Is it possible to freeze fried mushrooms with onions for the winter

Mushrooms are always tasty and nutritious. They can be both an appetizer, and the main ingredient of the first dish, and a component of a delicious sauce. In the autumn rainy season, when the mushroom season begins, many owners of their harvest for future use in various ways: marinate, dry or freeze. In this article, we will talk about the last option for preserving this delicacy. You will learn how to freeze the mushrooms, and how to prepare them properly for this procedure. Armed with knowledge and prepare for the harvest season.

For long-term storage only wholeyoung, unaffected mushrooms. Coming from the forest, carefully go through the contents of the basket, postponing for processing only the most beautiful specimens. You can not freeze them at once. First you need to clean them from the ground and debris, then rinse and dry with a towel.

How to freeze raw mushrooms?

After they have dried out, large specimensit is necessary to cut into pieces not thinner than 5 millimeters, small ones are left in the original form. Then spread the mushrooms over packages or sailboats. It is important to know that after thawing this product should not be subjected to repeated freezing. It spoils and gets an unpleasant taste and aroma. Therefore, pack a quantity of mushrooms into one container, which you will use in the future at a time. If the workpiece you pack in a bag, then try to squeeze it to squeeze out all the air. If the packing takes place on plastic containers, then put them to the top. Alternatively, you can freeze the mushrooms by spreading it on a plate in the freezer, then collect it already hard into a bag and send it to further storage. After defrosting in a natural way at room temperature, the prepared product will taste the same, and the smell will be the same as fresh.

How long to keep the boiled mushrooms? To freeze!

Remember how to properly perform thisworkpiece. Fresh mushrooms should be prepared as described above and thrown into boiling water. Cook them for five to seven minutes. Leave it in a colander and let it cool down. Keep in mind that you do not need to salt the product. Further lay out the mushrooms in batches or packages and send them to the freezer. If in the future such a preparation you plan to enter into the first dish, then you can freeze it along with the broth. Take care that it is not "neighbors" in the refrigerator, such foods as meat or fish. After defrosting, these mushrooms can be fried, cook soups, sauces, snacks from them.

How to freeze fried mushrooms?

You are surprised that this dish can be saved infreezer? You can, just need to properly prepare this semi-finished product for long-term storage. For this, slice the mushrooms fry in vegetable oil until light golden in color. Again, you do not need to sprinkle the product with spices and salt, this you will do after defrosting with the immediate preparation of the final dish. After roasting the mushrooms, place on a paper towel, blot excess oil and leave to cool. After filling the workpiece in containers and freeze. From this semi-finished product you can cook a variety of dishes: roast, soup, pizza, snack "Julien" and others.

It turns out that it is possible to freeze the fungi not onlyfresh. This product in a boiled or fried form can be a good find for the hostess, if you need to quickly cook something delicious.

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