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Can I eat champignons mushrooms which have darkened

One of the most commonly used mushroomsare all your favorite mushrooms. Naturally, they can be eaten as a separate product, and add to the soup, potatoes and other dishes that we are so used to using. But very often we have a question whether it is possible to eat them, if, for example, they have darkened. In such cases it is necessary to know how it can be understood that the mushrooms have deteriorated and whether they can be used after such a darkening.

In what form should you eat champignons, so as not to poison them?

You can choose a good mushroom ifbe guided by all the rules for choosing the right product. In the event that the mushrooms that you buy look fresh enough, they have a very pleasant mushroom smell, and they have a smooth structure, then you can be sure that you are holding a fresh product. Mandatory mushroom should not be spoiled in the sense that it should not have any dents and dark spots. The taste, in the process of making mushrooms, will be affected by the membrane under the mushroom head. In the event that the membrane is ruptured, the taste of the fungus will be saturated. If the membrane is whole, then during cooking from the mushrooms will come a mild flavor.

As for direct usethese mushrooms, then they can be eaten, both cooked and raw. In this case, the main thing is that the mushrooms you bought are necessarily fresh. But before preparing them, you must thoroughly rinse them with running water.

Despite the fact that the champignons are notpoisonous mushrooms, they can still be poisoned. Moreover, it is not always possible to make sure that the mushrooms bought at the market or in the store are really fresh. Therefore, in the event that you are not sure about the freshness of the mushrooms, it is better not to use them at all. This is due to the fact that if a given mushroom is lying for a certain amount of time, then in time it starts to emit such a substance as choline. In fact, it is a harmful toxin to the human body. Therefore, do not eat those mushrooms, which for a long time simply lie without use.

Just do not forget that the mushroomsthere is a special property through which they absorb into themselves without exception all substances, including those harmful to the body. Therefore, you should not collect these mushrooms near roads, factories and plants. It is better to go to the store and buy there proven and fresh mushrooms, since they are grown in exceptionally ecological conditions. It is thanks to this that they can be eaten in any form.

If you notice that the fungus has darkened, it is notalways says that it is spoiled. This can be observed if the mushrooms lie in the open air for a long time. In this case, the caps can acquire a practically black color, but this only indicates their weathering. This darkening can be considered safe for the human body until the mucus appeared on the surface of the cap. In case of its occurrence from the use of champignons it is necessary to refuse. In opposite situations, eat champignons boldly, without worrying about your own health.

A fairly familiar situation for manymushroom pickers is that if you stay in the forest for a long time and pick mushrooms, you see that the whole day the mushrooms have turned black. Naturally, in such situations you need to clearly understand, edible or not, are champignons. In the event that the mushrooms do not crumble in their hands, they do not have worms, and they do not acquire a dark color, one can be sure of their freshness. In the same case, if the mushrooms are blackened, then you need to pay attention to how they darkened.

If the mushroom cap acquired a darker shade, butthe color on the fresh scrap inside remained the same, then you can safely eat them. This indicates that some categories of fungi can simply be oxidized in the fresh air. If at these mushrooms the plates below are very dense, but slightly darkened, then they can be cooked as usual. But if the plates have acquired an unrealistically dark shade and are wet to the touch, then they are not recommended at all. In such situations it is better not to risk your own health and the health of your loved ones.

Is it possible to eat champignon with darkened plates?

If you are 100% sure of the freshness of champignons,then if you started to notice the dark spots on the hats, then these mushrooms should not be eaten so as not to spoil your own health. If the darkening is observed on the plates, then you can still eat the mushroom, but you should adhere to all the recommendations for cooking. Without fail, champignons with dark plates must be boiled in water for 40 minutes. Therefore, make sure that the heat treatment is maximum. It is also desirable that mushrooms, besides cooking, undergo the frying process. Naturally, their taste will not deteriorate, but they will be 100% safe for the human body.

Can I eat champignons that have become darkened from the inside?

Quite often in mushrooms you can seedarkening on the outside. In most cases, you can use these mushrooms. The main thing in this case is to monitor the formation of other manifestations on the surface of the bonnet. In this case, remember, if you are going to eat mushroom in its raw form, it should in no case be dark. If you cook it or fry it, then small blackening is allowed. If, in addition to the darkened color on the bonnet, mold or greens is observed, then, naturally, they can not be used in any case. Also, make sure that the mushroom cap is not sticky, as this already indicates its depravity.

Naturally, despite the fact that you need to payattention to the appearance of the champignons that you buy, just pay attention to the way and duration of their storage. After all, sometimes it happens that the mushrooms were bought fresh, and because of the long period of being in the refrigerator, they simply deteriorated. Therefore, remember that the most optimal time for storing champignons in the refrigerator is three days. During this very time you can safely use them and not worry about their harmful effects on the human body. And do not forget, if the appearance of the mushrooms does not attract you at all, then do not buy them, so as not to harm yourself, or your relatives and relatives.

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