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Can I eat frozen mushrooms champignons

The first mention of champignons refers tothird century BC. In those days they were considered a very rare and expensive delicacy. "The food of the gods" was called by their ancient Romans, and the Egyptians believed that the use of these mushrooms in food will give a person eternal life.

Since then, hundreds of years have passed. The man has learned to grow mushrooms in artificial conditions, and they are no longer considered a rarity, although they are very popular all over the world. They contain all the substances a person needs - protein, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. And refined taste is highly appreciated by the best culinary specialists of many countries of the world. It is important only that the mushrooms are fresh, without traces of spoilage - only in this case they will bring true pleasure and pleasure to man.

Champignons, grown in artificial conditions,are considered so safe for humans that they can even be eaten raw. The only condition is that they must be fresh. Otherwise, the fungi not only lose their useful properties, but also seriously harm human health: the special toxic substances produced during spoilage cause disturbances in the work of the circulatory system and acute poisoning of the organism.

How to understand that the mushrooms are spoiled? For this, it is necessary to pay attention to:

  1. Color - fresh mushroom is usually white or lightpinkish tinge. Distinctive feature - matte shine. A dark color without shine may be a signal that the mushroom has overridden, or is stored for a very long time and already begins to deteriorate.
  2. Hatter - the young fresh mushroom will be round, velvety, smooth, or scaly. Black or yellow spots on it - a sign of spoilage. A flat hat says that the mushroom is old.
  3. The film between the leg and the cap - it has a solid, white and dense mushroom. If it is broken, then the mushroom has been cut long ago and it is better not to eat it.
  4. Plates under the hat - ideally should be dense, white and pink, covered with a film. When the fungus deteriorates, they become friable, dark, without film.
  5. A cut of the legs of a dark color indicates that the storage time for the mushroom has already expired.
  6. Smell - when damaged, the mushroom begins to smell damp or rot.
  7. Density of the fungus - fresh mushroom is always elastic and firm. If the mushroom is soft, with a sticky and slippery surface - this is a sure sign of putrefactive processes.

Buy champignons is only in stores orin specialized farms - only there you can demand a Certificate for compliance with safety standards, track the time and conditions for storing mushrooms.

At room temperature, freshly cutchampignons can be stored for 6 hours. What should I do to extend the expiration date? You just need to wrap the mushrooms in paper and put them on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator. In this condition they will remain intact for 5 days. At the same time, wash and clean them only before cooking.

It is important to know that champignons, like a sponge, absorb toxic substances and radiation from air, soil and water.

A very good way to extend the expiration datechampignons is canning. At the same time, they can be salted, filled with a strong saline solution, or marinated, adding acetic or citric acid, salt, sugar and various spices. It seems that in this form the mushrooms can not deteriorate: after all, they undergo high-temperature treatment, and the acidic marinade environment is able to neutralize the bacteria.

In fact, a violation of cooking technologyor improper storage may cause the multiplication of pathogenic bacteria and E. coli, and canned mushrooms become dangerous and unsuitable for food. If the canned mushrooms are spoiled, then:

  1. The marinade or saline solution becomes cloudy.
  2. The metal covers, with which the banks are rolled,they will swell. This phenomenon is called a bombing. The cause of it are gases released by pathogenic microorganisms that reproduce in spoiled canned food. If the lids are swollen - canned food should be immediately discarded.
  3. You can observe tiny bubbles of gas rising from the bottom of the can to its surface, which signal the process of fermentation.

Together with poorly washed mushrooms in the canget and pathogens botulism - anaerobic infections that live in the ground. With the hermetically sealed lid, out of air, these bacteria begin to multiply actively in canned mushrooms. Once in the human body, they cause bloating, loss of vision, severe headache, paralysis, respiratory arrest and death. The worst thing is that most often there are no signs that mushrooms are infected with botulism: the canned food looks appetizing, there are no annoying smells. Show the presence of deadly bacteria can only be laboratory analysis.

In marinated or salted mushroomsindustrial production of the presence of botulism bacteria is virtually excluded due to high-temperature treatment, which can not be carried out at home. Therefore it is strictly forbidden to eat canned food of dubious origin, expired, stored at a temperature of more than 30 0 C.

Modern housewives prefer fast andan effective way to preserve the champignons - their freezing. Freeze as fresh specimens that have been pre-cleaned and washed, and semi-finished products - cooked or lightly fried. At the same time, 80% of all valuable substances remain unchanged. But even in this form the mushrooms can not be stored forever.

How to understand if the frozen mushrooms are spoiled? For this you need:

  • Feel the package with frozen mushrooms. It should not contain large, frozen chunks. The presence of these indicates a second frost, after which the mushrooms become unsuitable for food.
  • Check the temperature of the refrigerator where the frozen product is stored. It should not be lower than the one indicated on the package (-18 0 C).
  • Check the fungus "for strength" - if it crumbles, then the freezing technology has been broken. Poisoning, most likely, will not happen, but the flavoring qualities of such a product will leave much to be desired.
  • Pay attention to the appearance and smell of champignons. Darkened, with black spots, they most likely spoiled before they froze. Therefore, they should not be taken for food.

Frozen champignons are stored no more than a year, repeated freezing is not allowed.

Dried mushrooms make up a decentcompetition to fresh mushrooms. When drying almost all the useful properties are preserved, and the taste acquires a specific zest. But such mushrooms are quite capricious, so it's worthwhile to carefully ensure that they do not deteriorate. Do not eat dried mushrooms, if:

  • They are damp and moldy - this often happens because of the increased hygroscopicity of the fungi.
  • There was a musty smell of rot.
  • Instead of whole mushrooms in the bank - a rubbish.
  • Moth larvae were found in mushrooms.

To store the dried mushrooms it is necessary in glass jars with a dense lid not more than a year.

It is important to recognize the spoiled mushrooms in time, so as not to harm yourself and your loved ones.

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