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Can the white mushrooms be frozen raw

Many make mushroom preparations for the winter to then stew and fry mushrooms, or eat them in marinated (salty) form.

Those who have harvested cornflowers, it is interesting howfreeze the white mushrooms for the winter at home to preserve their wonderful smell and taste. We learn how to make home-made frosts of fragrant fast-boiling-mushrooms in fresh, boiled and fried condition.

Boroviki knowingly put on a pedestal: they are so tasty and fragrant that a rare person will refuse to taste them. In addition, they have a rich composition that, by nutritional value, equates them to egg whites or meat.

The structure of white mushrooms includes:

  • Vitamins B1-B3, B9, E and C;
  • Iron, potassium, calcium, magnesium and many other minerals.

Regular consumption of white mushrooms accelerates digestive processes and helps to lose weight, improves endurance and efficiency, tones up the body.

To benefit from borrows in the winter, it is important to know how to freeze the white mushrooms.

If the mushrooms are already boiled, the housewives do not have to cook them before preparing different dishes: it is enough to unfrozen them and add where necessary.

We learn how to freeze boiled white mushrooms at home:

  • We sort through the mushrooms, clean, rinse, dry.
  • If there is a desire, cut them into halves or quarters, or cubes.
  • Pour into the pan water, salt and put on the stove. After boiling, put the boletus and cook for 10 minutes.
  • Drain the water, throwing boiled mushrooms in a colander. The water should drain completely, and the mushrooms - get the room temperature.
  • We put the boiled mushrooms on the towel to dry them.

We spread them on the bags and, squeezing the air, tightly tied. We allocate in the freezer one compartment only for mushrooms, so that they do not absorb the smells of fish or meat, and we put them there.

How to freeze boiled white mushrooms

The most useful frozen mushrooms are damp, so most often they are taken to the frost in this form. We learn how to properly freeze white mushrooms without heat treatment.

  • Mushrooms, better small (they are more delicious and do not lose shape) we clean out of forest debris and plots rotted or drained by worms.
  • Quickly wash the boleti with running water so that they do not have time to absorb it, and lay them out on towels for drying.
  • We distribute the mushroom mass in portions so as not to unfreeze them several times - this will lead to the loss of nutrients.
  • If the fungi are large and thick, cut them into cubes 1x1 cm in size.
  • We lay out the mushrooms on the grate, so that they slightly wilted and then not covered with ice.

We distribute them by packages, we expel air andtightly tied. It is desirable to stuff packs "under the string", so that there is as little air as possible. After we remove the bags in the freezer in a separate box, away from other products.

How to freeze white mushrooms in raw form

How to freeze ceps in a freezer in fried form

Frozen fried mushrooms - it's completely ready to eat: it's enough to unfrozen them, and you can stuff pies or, warming up, serve as a side dish.

If you want to freeze fried mushrooms, follow this plan:

  • We clear white mushrooms from forest debris, worm and coarse parts, rinse and cut with a small cube.
  • We brush a couple or more bulbs depending on the volume of harvested crop, and also cut into cubes. With onion mushrooms will become even juicier and more fragrant.
  • We pour a little oil into a deep frying pan, warm it up and fry the onion until it is transparent.
  • We pour the mushroom raw materials, mix and fry over medium heat, stirring regularly and not closing the lid. After 15 minutes we take the onion-mushroom assortment in a plate to cool it.

Cooled mass we put in bags (containers), well we fasten (close) and we clean in a freezer.

You can store frozen mushrooms for a whole year, if you keep the temperature in the freezer minus 18 degrees.

Now you know how to freeze white mushrooms, and how to store them. And to defrost them without losing valuable qualities, we put them in a bowl and put in the refrigerator 2-3 hours before cooking.

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