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Can I salt frozen mushrooms

Can.It is better if they are plate mushrooms and first they must be boiled and then frozen. If you salt fresh mushrooms, they must first be thawed, they will lose all the valuable, because they simply drain, and in the second you will get something more like kashu. Grubs after freezing and thawing softened.

I freeze the mushrooms already in the ready boiled form. And further they are perfectly salted and marinated as needed. For this I take out mushrooms, I defrost. I prepare marinade (I cook) from water, bay leaf, salt, sugar and vinegar. When the marinade boils, I throw mushrooms into it and give them a boil for 5 minutes. I turn it off, cool it and overnight in the refrigerator. Tasteful! Excellent feel in this form of butter and of course white mushrooms. Then, if desired, you can fill with sunflower oil and add garlic or finely chopped onions. I like to marinate more, I can not conserve mushrooms.

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