/ / Is it possible to freeze the boiled mushrooms?

Can I freeze the boiled mushrooms?

Of course, you can and I would even say, morethat's what I always do, always the white mushrooms just brought from the forest, I cleanse the grass and old leaves adhering to them, cut off the mushroom on the foot of the mushroom, then leave the cellophane bag and the freezer, in the winter we get fragrant and almost like fresh mushrooms. I try to freeze small and strong mushrooms.

Freeze the whole mushrooms without boilingyou can (of course, of course after washing and cleaning them). But here there is one small nuance, imagine that to the mushrooms, which are already ninety-odd percent consist of water, there will be more water from the ice. And so nothing dangerous in the freezing of mushrooms is damp, I often do so (just raw occupy more space).

white mushrooms become especially fragrant ifthem to dry. Soup with dried white mushrooms is even tastier than with fresh ones. you can also freeze, but then they will not differ from those sold in the store.

Although do as you are comfortable and more familiar than anything else.

After all, you do it for yourself in the first place.

For example, in summer, I have a huge number of mushrooms in the house.

Then I go with my husband and pick mushrooms, then he comes off alone and brings again.

We will fry them with potatoes.

And soup cook.

And pickled mushrooms I'll do.

But, still most of the mushrooms, I wash, cut into pieces and clean in the freezer.

If the mushrooms are not large, then I freeze them entirely.

But the big ones, still prefer to cut them into pieces.

And then, in autumn and winter, cook soup and rejoice in the summer harvest of mushrooms.

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