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Is it possible to freeze fresh mushrooms for the winter and what

  • For the freezing fit all edible mushrooms, but more than others - strong and not wormy young white mushrooms, boletus, podberezoviki, champignons, chanterelles, honey agarics.
  • Mushrooms are a very delicate product and thereforerequires attentive attitude and as soon as possible processing. The best thing is to put them in storage on the same day they were collected in the forest or bought on the market.
  • How to freeze mushrooms? The principle of freezing forest mushrooms is generally similar to the freezing of berries. Mushrooms must be carefully sorted out by throwing dubious and wormy mushrooms, trimmed, removed spoiled parts and rinsed thoroughly, replacing several times with water. It is best to freeze whole young strong mushrooms, which are rarely wormy. Rinse the mushrooms on a towel, large ones - cut, then put on a baking tray or tray in one layer and place in the freezer. The answer to the question "how to freeze white mushrooms" is exactly the same.
  • Frozen mushrooms put in a bag or container, tie, label (be sure to write the date of the bookmark and the grade of mushrooms), put in storage in the freezer.
  • Remember that thawed mushrooms are a favorable breeding ground for various microorganisms, so after thawing, the mushrooms must be used immediately for cooking mushroom dishes.
  • Frozen mushrooms are stored in the freezer at -18 ° C for up to one year.

If you are afraid to freeze the mushrooms fresh, boil them before freezing for 5 minutes in boiling salted water, pour into a colander, dry and then freeze.

Sign containers and packages with frozenmushrooms - in the prepared form they look like a homogeneous mass. Fill the containers whole. The less air remains in the container, the better the products will remain in it. The same rule applies to plastic bags: at the maximum squeeze out the air from them, tie them, then lay them in the freezer. Now you know all about how to freeze the mushrooms! And how to freeze vegetables, read here.

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