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Is it possible to freeze raw mushrooms at home

Prepare in winter mushroom dishes with taste andthe aroma of fresh forest mushrooms is quite possible. To do this, it is necessary to properly prepare mushrooms in the mushroom season, namely - to freeze the mushrooms for the winter. In the frozen form they practically do not differ from fresh ones, and in dishes the difference between them is invisible.

Freezing of mushrooms is a great way to prepare them for the winter

Quite often modern professional chefs and amateur cooks use frozen mushrooms for cooking. They can be purchased in stores or harvested independently.

The main advantages of freezing mushrooms:

  • The main advantage of such a preparation is the minimum amount of time. You just need to clean the fungi from dirt and put it in the freezer.
  • In the frozen form, fungi retain almost the entire nutritional value.
  • Unlike canning, frozen mushrooms do not lose color and shape.
  • A long shelf life is another advantage of frozen mushrooms. In the freezer they can be stored for up to 12 months.
  • Frozen mushrooms do not require a long pre-soaking, as dried. Therefore, the dishes are prepared faster.
  • You can freeze both fresh mushrooms and semi-finished products from them. In any case, the product retains a rich mushroom flavor and aroma.
  • Frozen mushrooms can be used to make absolutely all the mushroom dishes. They can also be salted and marinated.

The main disadvantage of freezing fungi is highenergy intensity and a catastrophic lack of space in the freezer. It is also necessary to constantly monitor the temperature regime, as a violation of storage conditions can lead to damage to the product. If the mushrooms are thawed for some reason, it is in no way impossible to freeze them again!

In a fresh form, you can freeze all edible mushrooms that do not have bitterness. Large, old and wormy mushrooms can not be frozen. They accumulate harmful substances that can cause poisoning.

The most suitable for frost are podberezoviki, boletus, forest mushrooms and grown artificially, honey agarics, mosses and a white fungus. These species retain their structure and shape after thawing.

Chanterelles and oleaginas are worse for such ablanks. After defrosting, the chanterelles acquire a small bitterness, and the butter mice lose their structure. They become very soft or fall apart to a state of heterogeneous puree.

Do not freeze fresh russules, mushrooms,freckles, morels, stitches and taillesses. These mushrooms have a bitter taste, but after prolonged boiling in salty water, bitterness leaves the mushrooms. Therefore, it is possible to freeze these fungi only after preliminary heat treatment.

For freezing fit forest mushrooms or grown on mushroom farms. In the season they can be collected independently, purchased in the market or in the store.

Rules for freezing mushrooms of different types, freezing regimes

Regardless of the type of mushrooms, there are two basic rules for freezing:

  1. Fresh and clean. Freeze the mushrooms on the day of collection or the maximum - yesterday. They must be cleaned of foliage, dirt and sand. Mushrooms must be whole and elastic. Broken and soft freeze is not worth it, because after defrosting they will lose their outward appeal.
  2. Young. Small elastic mushrooms are selected for freezing. They best retain their form and do not lose it after defrosting.

You can freeze mushrooms not only fresh, but also stewed, boiled and fried.

  • In fresh form, you can freeze white mushrooms, podberezoviki, boletus, mosses, mushrooms.
  • Smarches and stitches should be frozen in boiled form. They contain in their composition poisonous helvellic acid, which is removed only when cooking.
  • Rozhiki, russula, mushrooms, freckles can be frozen boiled, stewed or fried.
  • Chanterelles and honey agarics should be frozen as a ready-made semi-finished product. They can be boiled or fried. After the heat treatment, the chanterelles do not show bitterness, and honey agarics become softer.

More often for freezing, whole mushrooms are used,but you can also freeze only hats or chopped mushrooms. Whole mushrooms should be frozen at a temperature of -28gr.S, and semi-finished products at -18 - -20gr.S. They store frozen mushrooms and semi-finished products from them in freezers at -18 ° C.

When freezing fungi, it is necessary to adhere to certain subtleties of the preform. Only in this case it is possible to get a quality aromatic semi-finished product.

  • To mushrooms do not lose color after defrosting, before they freeze, the fungi must be blanched.
  • To preserve the flavor, containers andPolyethylene bags should be filled completely, while leaving a minimum amount of air. It is better to use vacuum containers, and from the bag it is necessary to squeeze out air. Plastic bags should be tied or used with zip-lock.
  • In order to preserve vitamins and nutrients in frozen mushrooms, only fresh mushrooms should be frozen, exposing them to instant freezing.
  • Before freezing, mushrooms can not be soaked. They collect a lot of water and when frozen they will have a lot of ice, which can ruin the structure. After washing, the mushrooms must be dried with a paper towel or towel.
  • To preserve the shape of whole mushrooms, they are frozen, spread out on a tray in one layer. Only after a complete freezing of the mushrooms is placed in containers and bags.
  • Mushrooms can not be frozen again, so theylose nutritional value and attractive appearance. Therefore, it is recommended that they be frozen in separate small portions, which you use at a time in winter.
  • If the semi-finished product is cooked from boiled or stewed mushrooms, they can be frozen together with the broth. Dishes from such mushrooms will be more aromatic with a rich mushroom taste.
  • To fresh frozen mushrooms have preserved their taste, aroma and form, they must be thawed on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator.

To emphasize the taste and give a unique flavormushroom dishes can be, using only quality frozen mushrooms. Therefore, it is necessary to strictly comply with the technology of harvesting and adhere to the conditions of storage of frozen mushrooms.

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