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You can freeze fresh mushrooms

In the season of "quiet hunting", many are wondering,how to preserve the entire harvested mushroom crop. A great way to do this is to freeze. You can also freeze forest mushrooms and those that you bought in a store or on the market. After all, everyone knows that in the summer, the price of mushrooms is much lower.

Frozen in the home conditions subjected to white mushrooms, chanterelles, honey agarics, podberezoviki, oyster mushrooms, mushrooms and other types of mushrooms. The general principle of freezing for all fungi is the same.

First, the mushrooms are sorted according to the structure of the fungus. In this case, distinguish:

  • marsupials (truffles, morels);
  • Plate (for example, russula);
  • Tubular (white mushrooms, birch bark).

It is preferable to freeze in raw form onlytubular (or, in other words, spongy) fungi. The internal structure of the cap of these fungi is a porous surface, which when boiled, absorbs a lot of liquid, and, as a result, the mushrooms will be watery when thawing. If you have to boil the spongy mushrooms, then before they freeze, you should lightly squeeze them.

Plateous species of fungi, such as honey agarics, are subject to boiling before freezing.

A few species of marsupials before brewing into the freezer are necessarily boiled and pressed well.

After sorting out the mushrooms, the strongest specimens are selected for subsequent freezing.

Mushrooms are cleaned with a knife or a rough brush: all garbage and adhering leaves are removed, the bottom, contaminated, part of the leg is cut off.

If the fungi selected for furtherfreezing in a raw form, very dirty, they need to be rinsed in water, but in no case soak. After, they must be carefully dried with a paper towel.

Those mushrooms that are planned to boil, you can safely wash under running water, not worrying for the fact that they absorb too much moisture.

As already mentioned above, for this method of freezing, only tubular mushrooms will work. The ideal option will be the white mushrooms and redheads.

Small mushrooms are frozen completely, and large specimens are cut with plates 1-2 cm thick.

Next, mushrooms spread on a flat surface and cleaned in a freezer for several hours. After the mushrooms are frozen, they are poured into a bag for freezing or placed in containers.

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Mushrooms, which will be pre-brewed,you must first cut. Further, they are lowered into boiling water and boiled for 5 to 10 minutes. Then they throw it back in a colander to drain excess liquid. After the mushrooms have cooled down, they are transferred to a portioned package, once for use, and sent to the freezer.

Broth from boiled fried poured, and from white mushrooms and boletus - used to make soup.

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For this method, both tubular andplate-like species of fungi. Mushrooms are cut into slices or plates. Then put on a frying pan with a small amount of vegetable oil, and fry until a ruddy crust. Salt and spices are not added. Roasting lasts approximately 20 minutes.

This freeze is completely ready for use after defrosting. It is only necessary to add such mushrooms, for example, to fried potatoes or salad.

Another way is to freeze, beforehandbaked in the oven, mushrooms. Mushrooms for this are laid out on the baking sheet without adding oil, and baked until cooked. Then they are transferred to bags, and sent to the freezer for storage. Such mushrooms have a particularly bright taste and aroma during thawing.

Frozen temperature and shelf life of frozen mushrooms

The temperature regime of freezing of fungi is -18 ° С. If this requirement is met, mushrooms can be stored in the freezer throughout the winter.

Frozen raw mushrooms thaw on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator overnight, and then for an hour at room temperature.

Mushrooms that have been pre-heat treated are not thawed, but immediately added to the dish during cooking.

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