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Can I freeze the boiled mushrooms of chanterelles

You can have fresh chanterelles in winter. After all, frozen chanterelles to taste do not differ from fresh ones. And to freeze fresh mushrooms is very simple. Unlike other fungi, chanterelles can be frozen in several ways.

In this form it is possible to freeze young mushrooms, which have not yet fully spread their hats.

Mushrooms, cleaned of debris, cleanedold and wormy. The rest should be rinsed with cold water in several waters, but do not soak. Chanterelles strongly absorb water, and later taste can get lost. Then the mushrooms must be dried on a towel, spread out portion by package, and sent to the freezer.

The shelf life of these fungi is 4-6 months

This is a way for mature, large mushrooms. Not old, of course, but on the edge. Such mushrooms can be somewhat bitter, and cooking is a great way to get rid of bitterness.

Also, as in the previous version, you need to sort out the mushrooms, cut the big ones into pieces, fill them in a saucepan, pour cold water (salt to taste), and put on gas.

Boil the chanterelles for 10-15 minutes. When boiling even rinsed mushrooms will be a lot of foam, and it should be removed with a noise.

After that mushrooms need to discard in a colander and remove the water to the maximum. The less water, the better.

Arrange the boiled and chilled chanterelles in packages and send to freeze.

The shelf life of cooked chanterelles is 3-5 months.

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