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Is it possible to freeze red mushrooms mushrooms for winter

In terms of the amount of vitamins, mushroomscan boldly compete with fruits and vegetables. These mushrooms can be given the honorary title "multivitamin". Prepare these delicious and healthy mushrooms for the winter in various ways: pickle, pickle. You can also freeze redheads for the winter. The use of these fungi contributes to improving the condition of the hair, skin, has a beneficial effect on vision. The composition of these fungi is lactariovioline. It is an antibiotic that suppresses the development of various bacteria. According to digestibility, mushrooms are more abundant than all other species of mushrooms. You can eat red fish without fear for health. There is no bitterness in these mushrooms. There are gourmets who consume them in raw form.

First of all, in order to freeze the redheads onwinter should be carefully cleaned from debris. Remove stuck leaves, grass, earth. Remove the damaged areas and cut off the legs to about two centimeters. If the garbage is easily removed from the mushrooms, it is better not to soak them in water. If the fish still had to be washed, then after this to get rid of excess moisture mushrooms can be held on a towel or napkin. Then cleaned mushrooms should be cut into strips or slices and put into prepared dishes portionwise. To freeze fungi, you can use special packages for freezing, plastic containers, polyethylene bags. To ensure that the mushrooms are not stuck together, they should be frozen in the freezer, spread out in a thin layer and then only divided into containers and frozen thoroughly. Freshly frozen mushrooms can usually be stored for about a year.

If you still do not dare to freeze the redheads inraw form they can be pre-boiled. Then cleaned mushrooms must be lowered into boiling salted water and boil until ready (until they settle on the bottom). Then ryzhiki need to be rinsed in cold water, thrown in a colander, so that excess moisture goes away and then laid out in containers. Keep the red-fishes cooked this way is recommended for about six months.

You can also freeze roasted mushrooms. For this, the prepared peeled and chopped mushrooms must be fried in a small amount of vegetable oil until the excess liquid evaporates. Then the cooled rozhiki can be laid out in containers. Red fish, frozen in this form, it is recommended to store about six months.

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