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Is it possible to freeze fresh chanterelles mushrooms

How to freeze chanterelles? Sometimes after freezing, chanterelles develop bitterness. How to freeze chanterelles in the fridge - useful tips.

Novice mushroom pickers do not always know how to correctlyto freeze the chanterelles. Hence the assertion that these mushrooms become bitter after freezing. Fresh chanterelles can be stored for no more than a day. If there are a lot of mushrooms, then they must be quickly processed.

Mushrooms can be salted, but the beneficial properties of chanterelles are lost from the effects of salt. The simplest way to save is to freeze and store in the freezer of the refrigerator.

Before freezing in any way, mushrooms must be prepared, following simple rules.

  • You can not keep fresh mushrooms in the heat for a long time - with every hour the quality of chanterelles deteriorates.
  • Mushrooms should be sorted and sorted. For freezing choose young mushrooms.
  • Selected chanterelles must be cleaned of debris. I think that it is not superfluous to wash them in running water. Do not chanterelles before soaking. Rinse mushrooms in a colander. When water runs off, mushrooms are spread in a thin layer on a paper towel to dry.

Ways to freeze chanterelles for long-term storage

The most popular ways of freezing are two.

The first way. Washed mushrooms are laid out in containers or in bags and placed in a freezer. But with this method of freezing and prolonged storage, sometimes they have bitterness, which spoils the stored mushrooms.

The second way. With this method, the mushrooms are not bitter, but lose some useful properties. Mushrooms are poured into water and brought to a boil. You can add salt to the boiling water. It is recommended not to boil for more than twenty minutes. After boiling, the mushrooms are washed in running water and spread on paper napkins in one layer to dry. After drying, spread a thin layer on a pallet and place in the freezer. Next, frozen chanterelles are laid out in packages and placed in a freezer for storage.

Therefore, experienced housewives pack frozen mushrooms in small portions.

How long can I store frozen chanterelles?

Inveterate mushroom pickers say that it is possible to store such mushrooms for no more than three months. Of course, they can be kept in the freezer for longer, but they lose their taste, and the chanterelles deteriorate.

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