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Is it possible to cook frozen mushrooms for a couple?

We usually leave the boiled mushrooms overnight incolander, that they would maximize the glass, then when freezing they do not stick together in a monolith and are cut easily enough with a knife. Usually we cut off as much as necessary from the briquet for soup, roast or sauce. Cook them for a long time is not necessary, just add to the dish 10-15 minutes before cooked. Usually freeze honey mushrooms and ginger. Frozen white mushrooms, boletus and podberezoviki lose shape, appearance and not particularly pleasing in such dishes, their pickles or dry.

You can, of course, everything, but you need it.And suddenly these mushrooms before the freezing were not thoroughly processed, cleaned of associated garbage, which often happens with mushrooms. Then, even pure mushrooms can be on a far from ideal table before entering a freezer in the factory, and into a frozen the liquid with mushrooms will not get what you need then eat in the soup, or mushroom stew.

It is better to leave the mushrooms unfrozen inrefrigerator directly in the colander. Then, after defrosting, rinse with cool water with further drainage. And then already cook. And the cook will be calmer, and suddenly with a frost came pebbles, even one.

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