/ / Is it possible to freeze umbrella mushrooms fresh?

Is it possible to freeze umbrella mushrooms fresh

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    Fresh mushrooms frozen at -28 ° Сand semi-finished products frozen at a temperature of -18-20 ° C, remain 6-12 months. There is an experience of freezing fresh mushrooms in freezers of refrigerators at a temperature of -18 ° C, such mushrooms are perfectly preserved until 6-8 months.

    For freezing, the fungi must first be processed.

    If you choose edible mushrooms - and best of allto freeze white mushrooms or boletus, then you just need to clean the mushrooms and rinse well, then put in a bag and send to the freezer.

    If you have chosen conventionally edible mushrooms, then youmust remember that they need not only to clean, but also boil several times, or to soak, changing the water. Then the mushrooms are placed in the freezer.

    For freezing only fresh healthymushrooms. Fresh mushrooms cut into plates, boil for 5 minutes. Allow to drain water, dry for 10-20 minutes, lay in polyethylene bags in even layers, put in a freezer with a temperature of -18 degrees. Your frozen mushrooms in a day - just ready.

    Frozen mushrooms should be cooked for 15-20 minutes, previously unfrozen. This applies to any frozen mushrooms: sweet, chanterelles, champignons, etc.

    Freeze as whole mushrooms, and cut. You can use these mushrooms to add to different dishes - their taste will remain the same as fresh ones.

    We freeze fried umbrellas, boiledchanterelles, russules, honey agarics and all other mushrooms that you can eat. Saves time, especially like fried umbrellas, Defrosted and warmed them for about 5 minutes, you can add them anywhere, very tasty! The main good freezer, that would not lead.

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