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Can I freeze champignons mushrooms for the winter in the freezer

Every housewife should know how to freeze mushrooms for the winter. Preparation of mushrooms and the process of freezing. Freezing whole and cut mushrooms.

Champignons are frequent guests in any kitchen. This is due to the availability of this type - you can buy them in almost every store at any time of the year, and in summer and autumn they grow in abundance in the forests. But in fresh form they are stored only a few days. And if you know how to freeze champignons, then there is the opportunity to save them for a longer period and to eat them in the winter, especially if the mushrooms were collected independently in the forest.

Before freezing fresh mushrooms,they should prepare themselves for this process. Collected in the forest or grown independently need to sort out, sorting them by size and quality, spoiled - discarded. Fruit bodies from the store are usually sold already sorted, and bought in the spontaneous markets also need to be inspected. It is best to use fruit bodies of the same size for freezing, bright, neat, without stains and dents.

Collected independently fruit bodies are cleared ofdebris and soil debris, wipe with a damp cloth, bought in a store or on the market, preferably rinse well with running water. After that, they are dried, unfolding on a paper or waffle towel.

Once again, the fruit bodies of mushrooms washed with running water before freezing is not worth it, because they themselves contain a lot of water, and they do not take off the peel at all.

Also for convenience, you can separate the hats from the legs - in this case the mushrooms will be less fractured, and they will be more convenient to use.

Frozen champignons, packed in tare,stored in the freezer at a temperature of not less than -18 degrees for about a year in the event that before being placed in the freezer they were not subjected to any special treatment.

Fried and boiled fruit bodies in frozenthe condition is stored for about 8 months. However, they can not be thawed and frozen again. It is best to arrange them in batches in separate packages or containers. In order not to violate the terms of storage, a sticker with the date of frost is glued on each package.

As a packaging for champignons, it is convenient to use plastic bags with fasteners or small plastic containers. They must be cleaned up.

Mushrooms can be frozen raw cut into pieces or whole. Billets and processed fruit bodies are also made. In this case, it is best to prepare for the winter various options.

It is also important to remember that after freezing fungi must be heat treated before consumption.

To keep fresh mushrooms for the winter as a wholeOnly small, neat mushrooms should be selected. They are packed in small plastic bags, which must be well tied or containers that are tightly closed. Then they are put into the freezer. If it has a fast freeze mode, then it is activated for 2-3 hours. In order to use frozen champignons, it is not necessary to thaw them if they were previously washed with water.

To preserve the fruit bodies of the mushrooms incut form, you have to spend more time on the preparation. In this case, the fungi are pre-washed, dried and cut into plates about 3 mm thick. Then they lay out one layer on a baking tray and put in the freezer for several hours. After they are added to the containers in layers and cleaned in the freezer.

You can not put the cut raw mushrooms in a package at once, because in this case they will turn into a frozen mushroom com, break and become ugly.

Chopped frozen champignons do not need to be defrosted before use. You do not need to wash them.

Mistresses often wonder whether it is possible tofreeze champignons in fried or boiled. The answer is positive: not only it is possible, but even in some cases it is necessary. This will reduce the time spent on cooking in the future.

To get a piece of fried champignons,them, cut pieces, spread on a pan, and then, as soon as the mushroom juice zipsipit, pour a little oil and mix. Fry the mushrooms until the mushroom juice has evaporated completely, then cool, pack in packages or containers and place in the freezer.

To boil mushrooms of this kind, they are placed incold water and put the pan on the fire. After boiling, add a little salt. Cook mushrooms should be about 15 minutes, then you need to drain the water, dry it, put it in containers or bags and freeze.

Which of the freezing methods to use is up to you, but the main thing to remember is that you can not use mushrooms in this process that have been lying in the refrigerator for longer than the shelf life permits.

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