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What is better to cook from frozen white mushrooms

What to prepare from frozen white mushrooms?

Rice with mushrooms and vegetables

broth mushroom 2 cups

peas green 150 grams

honey mushrooms 150 grams

onions 1 head

vegetable oil 1 st. a spoon

tomato paste 2st. spoons

butter 1 hour. a spoon

greenery 2st. spoons

sugar 1 / 2h. spoons

curry powder / 4h. spoons

black pepper to taste

1 cup of water boil with tomato paste, sugar, salt and butter. Lay peas and let it sit for 5 minutes.

Cut onion in small cubes and save on vegetable oil. Add honey, fry.

Disassembled and washed rice put in pots,add peas along with broth and onions with mushrooms, salt, pepper, season with curry, pour in hot broth. Cover pots, put in the oven and cook for 40 minutes at 200 ° C.

When serving rice with mushrooms, sprinkle vegetables with chopped herbs

From frozen white mushrooms you can cooka lot of all tasty and useful. It can be a thick soup or sauce in a dish on a plate or pot, even better together with mushrooms for satiety add some cereal: buckwheat, millet, rice, pearl - just pearl grains pre-soak preferably.

Also thawing mushrooms with them, you can make a stew with potatoes or other vegetables, stew with potatoes and beans, including a dish in pots.

Mushrooms can be fried and served separately in sour cream sauce along with potatoes or vegetables. You can put out cabbage with mushrooms.

Mushrooms can be defrosted, fried with onions and make cake or pizza with them, tartlets with mushrooms.

There are a variety of dishes from defrosted white mushrooms, including whipped omelettes or mushrooms with porridge.

You can also cook pilaf or lean pilaf from thawed white mushrooms.

Soup with thawed mushrooms

defrosted mushrooms - 500 grams (any thawed mushrooms),

boiled pearl barley - 250 grams,

frozen green peas - 250 grams,

root of parsley and celery root equally each of 100 grams,

fragrant peppers and black pepper peas on 3 - 4 pieces each,

garlic - 3 - 4 teeth,

bay leaves two or three pieces,

potatoes two or three pieces of tubers,

one piece of carrots and onion head,

dill one bunch,

vegetable oil - 3 - 4 tablespoons,

sour cream two to three tablespoons,

Peel and rinse the vegetables, grind each.

Mushrooms are allowed to stand in a bowl with cool water to defrost this way.

After that, the mushrooms are washed, allowed to drain, slightly attached, cut into that size of slices as conveniently.

now you can start cooking: let the pan boil water - 2.5 liters. There we lay out celery, parsley, cook a little, then carrots, then potatoes with small cubes.

Next, go fried in the water zakarne and slightly extinguished with onion mushrooms

After that we put in the water a barley, pre-cooked, green peas, bay leaf, pepper, chopped garlic, dill.

Another boil 15 - 20 minutes. Before the end of cooking, add, if desired - sour cream.

Pearl barley in soup can not be added at will, it is also possible to replace another groats.

To be honest, the most delicious dishcooked from frozen white mushrooms is milk mushroom noodles. The rest of the dishes are also delicious, but rather prepared from fresh white mushrooms, but the mushroom milk noodles are better from frozen or dry white mushrooms.

White mushrooms can be put out with onions and sour cream,adding salt, pepper or other spices to your taste, but I believe that the mushrooms themselves already have an original flavor, so do not overdo it. You can cook mushroom soup. And of course fry them and add to a variety of snacks and rolls.

The most delicious dish from white dried mushrooms issoup (only without backfill). And stewed potatoes, only without carrots, it spoils the taste of mushrooms a little. From such a delicacy, only this I cook, sometimes. The aroma is simply bomb-like, the taste of yum-yum.

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