/ / Is it possible to fry frozen mushrooms without defrosting?

Can I fry frozen mushrooms without defrosting

If you have a pool of mushrooms in the refrigerator,which you collected in the forest last autumn, then let's immediately cook them and have dinner with a delicious and hearty dinner. I have such mushrooms. The only thing I want to warn you is that as a rule, forest mushrooms are usually boiled before freezing. If you have fresh forest mushrooms, then take the time to prepare them to cook them. Do not bypass this process, since it is very important to avoid poisoning. If you do not have any frozen or fresh forest mushrooms, then buy the usual mushrooms or pork chops. With them and the trouble is less, there is no risk of poisoning, are relatively inexpensive and taste is also excellent.

If you have frozen mushrooms, then before cooking they must be completely unfrozen, so that all excess liquid and moisture has left them. Otherwise, the mushrooms will not be cooked in a frying pan, but steamed.

I also want to warn that children under the age of 10forest mushrooms can not be given. Since they are heavily digested in the stomachs and the children's body they simply will not digest. This applies not only to fried mushrooms, but also pickled, as well as salted. And it does not matter which small or large pieces of mushrooms are cut, they will not be digested in the child's body anyway.

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