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Can I freeze boiled white mushrooms

Probably right and then, and more. But it is probably more convenient to freeze all the cooked, cut pieces so that they can cook immediately without defrosting, and the places prepared in this way will take less places in the refrigerator. But it is possible and raw, I tried and that, and another option, the difference in the taste of mushrooms was not felt, but in that, and in another case all the same mushrooms have to be processed.

It is better to always be reinsured once again. That's why we are always exceptionally, we process the mushrooms first, we remove the twigs from the fungus, leaves and various rubbish, and then boil the mushrooms. Only frozen mushrooms we freeze for the winter. In winter it is especially pleasant to cook something from mushrooms. By the way, in boiled mushrooms, many vitamins and beneficial properties are preserved, even after freezing. Since our mushrooms were processed and boiled, our frozen mushrooms can be cooked immediately, something the soul desires.

Although some people and raw mushrooms freeze, but I believe that this is already a kind of risk.

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