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What can I do with mushrooms champignons canned

1 jar (300 grams) of champignons in own juice, 1 smoked ham, 80 g of hard cheese, 2 medium bulbs, mayonnaise, vegetable oil.

To merge liquid from a jar, champignons to cutstraw, onion, too, cut into strips. Fry the champignons and onion in vegetable oil until golden, then pour the liquid into the pan from the jar and put it on low heat under the lid. When the liquid evaporates, mushrooms with onions cool.

Cheese cut into strips, bacon - cubes (skins in the salad to put it is not necessary). Mix with mushrooms and onions, add a little mayonnaise.

and even from them you can make chicken-mushroom julienne.Mushrooms fry in a pan with a large amount of onions, then add chopped chicken breasts (fillets), fry for 10 minutes. I add grated cheese, a spoonful of mustard, spices, 2-3 broth cubes, herbs and garlic, pour everything with mayonnaise and bring up to readiness for 10 minutes.

-6 eggs hard boiled

1 package of crab sticks (100 g)

1 can of canned champignons

0.7 cups of mayonnaise

2-3 tbsp. l. vegetable oil

parsley, salt to taste

Cooking method: Eggs cut into slices and put on a dish. Crab sticks cut into small cubes, lightly fry in oil, sprinkled with salt and spices to taste, and cool. Canned mushrooms cut into thin strips and fry in the same pan where the crab sticks were roasted. Put the cooled products between the egg slices, pour over mayonnaise and decorate with parsley sprigs.

To fry onions not to the end, add tothe same frying pan and fry together with onion until the end, then pour in sour cream and put it out a little. At the end, add grated cheese. When it is slightly dispersed, ie it will melt, cover the pan with a lid. Very tasty and quick, if you use canned mushrooms

Finely chop the onion and saute it untilgolden color in vegetable oil with the addition of white dry wine. Slice the mushrooms finely and mix with chilled tossed onions. Boil the eggs in a steep and add to the mixture. Grate the cheese, cut the greens, add the spices and mix with the onion-mushroom mass. Serve chilled without additional dressing

Lettuce lettuce leaves

Boil eggs, carrots, potatoes. Fry champignons with onions in sunflower oil. In a dish with smooth edges (as for "herring under a fur coat") on the bottom lay the leaves of the salad.

Then the 1st layer - fried mushrooms with onions

2nd layer - Grated potatoes

3rd layer - grated or finely chopped egg whites

4th layer - carrots, grated

Between the layers we add mayonnaise, it is important that the layers are not very thick, and the mayonnaise was just enough so that the salad was not dry. Top with a grated yolk grated on a fine grater.

It is important to let the salad soak in the refrigerator for at least 3 hours, preferably at night. It turns out a very delicate and nutritious salad.

fry with potatoes (I add, when the potatoes are almost ready and cook together);

pilaf - fry with onions and carrots, salt, pepper, farther as usual, but instead of water-fungal cubed divorced;

fry and add spaghetti boiled in a mushroom broth;

even mushroom soup in a hurry - the same fry with onions and carrots - in a mushroom broth, where already boiled potatoes ..

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