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Which mushrooms can be frozen fresh

Photo Gallery: How to freeze mushrooms for the winter

The rules for freezing any product state that itOnly fresh, clean, not spoiled products are subject. Otherwise, you risk getting poor-quality frozen fruits, vegetables or mushrooms, which after defrosting can only be thrown into the trash.

Before you freeze the mushrooms for the winter, carefully go through them. Clean them from the ground and leaves. It is also not recommended to use worm mushrooms for freezing. It will be best to select young, solid mushrooms for this purpose.

There are several types of freezing fresh mushrooms for the winter. You can freeze fresh, not boiled mushrooms. It is best to freeze white, Polish, honey agaric mushrooms, champignons, chanterelles, boletus, and podborozoviki in this way. They can be frozen raw, because these mushrooms are very strong.

Wash mushrooms in water to remove any dirt, but you can not do this, and just delete itall the leaves, grass and land with their pulp. If you still washed the mushrooms, they will preferably be dried on a towel or napkin, so that when frozen they do not stick together in the bag. Dry mushrooms fold in a cellophane food bag with a thin layer and put it in the freezer.

In the same way, you can freeze and butter, but they must first be cleaned from the skin. Defrost raw mushrooms best, transferring them to the refrigerator. Then they will be quite fresh, just out of the woods.

If you are afraid to freeze raw mushrooms for the winter, you can pre-boil them in water for 5 minutes. Most often this way is frozen mushrooms,intended for cooking. After all, you can use not small hard mushrooms, but mushrooms of any size. If you have very large mushrooms, you can cut their hats into several pieces.

After you boil the mushrooms, let them cool down, flip them into a colander, so that the glasses are superfluous. Now they can be laid out on food packages and tightly tied. Let out the excess air from the bag, it does not need us anything and will only take up space in the freezer.

As defrosted boiled mushrooms - an excellent place for reproduction of various pathogenic bacteria, expect that one package of frozen boiled mushrooms you could use for cooking one dish.

You can freeze not only the mushrooms themselves, but also the mushroom broth. To prepare such a broth, you can takeany mushrooms, except for dark species. The broth should be poured into containers, after having enclosed food packages. Now you can pour cold broth on the containers and place them in the freezer. After the broth is completely frozen, it must be removed from the container and stored in a bag in the form of a neat briquette. After defrosting, the broth is immediately ready for making soups on a mushroom basis.

To prepare the broth you can use not only mushrooms, if desired, you can add carrots and onions.

You can also freeze fried mushrooms. For this, clean, prepared mushrooms are frieda small amount of vegetable oil for 20 minutes, until all the excess moisture evaporates. Completely cooled mushrooms are laid out in packages and frozen.

By the way, so that mushrooms are not lost when frying their sweet taste and aroma, mushrooms can be fried on a baking sheet in the oven. For this roasting, even sunflower oil is not required, and the mushrooms are prepared in their own juice.

Frozen mushrooms for the winter can be stored at a temperature of -18 ° C to a year. After complete defrosting of mushrooms, immediately heat them and do not leave them in the refrigerator for later.

We hope that advice on how to freeze mushrooms for the winter will be useful to you, and you will be able to enjoy dishes from fresh forest mushrooms for a very long time.

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