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Is it possible to freeze fungi of mushrooms moist in a freezer for the winter

Opyat differ from their mushroom counterpartsrich in flavor and aroma. It's no wonder that they are so popular in our country. Mushroom soup, pizza, pies and, of course, fried with honey agarics young potatoes are, on the one hand, simple but unusually mouth-watering dishes. In addition, mushrooms allow you to vary the lean menu.

So honey mushrooms are dried, salted, marinated and caviar made from them. And of course, every housewife wants to keep the mushrooms frozen.

Opeyata, like many other products, is beautifulstored in the frozen state. They have dense structure, not too watery and can be at minus temperature about 12 months. So they will retain their natural smell, taste and nutritional elements. And what is especially pleasant is that this method of long-term storage requires much less effort than, let's say, traditional marinating. In addition, marinated mushrooms can be put far from all dishes because of sharp spices, while frozen ones are perfect for soup, julienne, and pie.

Before freezing fungi mushrooms for the winter,you need to collect them. Experienced mushroom pickers easily cope with this task, but newcomers have to make more efforts. After all, it's important not only to find mushrooms, but to make sure that they are edible. The most reasonable decision is to pick up a partner in your partner who is well acquainted with the topic and is an ardent fan of quiet hunting.

If there is no such possibility, then it should betwice attentive: the real open-hearth has a yellowish-brown hat, concave in young specimens, but flatter in adults. Yellow or brown plates on the back of the cap, spores on top of the mushrooms. On the cut, honey fungus is white and has a pronounced, pleasant mushroom smell. On the leg must be a skirt in the form of a ring. Hats are scaly.

Important: at the slightest doubt, you need to refuse collection!

All the charm is that they grow up as a whole family. And if you find a good place, you can collect a couple of buckets of mushrooms, literally without leaving the place.

Collect agarics quickly, but neatly. Mushrooms cut or carefully twisted, without jerks. The second method is preferable. It is necessary to avoid getting leaves and twigs in a bucket or basket - the less garbage, the less will mushrooms be shipped during transportation.

Before freezing honey agarics for the winter, you need themcarefully sort out. Despite the fact that in the forest wormy mushrooms are discarded immediately, at home it is necessary to check once again each mushroom for the presence of holes and larvae. Small mushrooms can not be cut, but large divide into several parts. Particular attention should be paid to the bonnet: if the mushroom's leg is clean, this does not mean that the mushroom on top is just as good.

During the bulkhead, you can also sort the mushrooms in size: mushrooms of one caliber are more advantageous in any dish. In addition, smaller specimens can be cooked less.

Also you need to clear the honey agar from the garbage: sometimes it is enough to knock on the bonnet to shake off all unnecessary, but more often mushrooms are still washed in a lot of warm water, and then dried on a towel.

When you freeze food, you want to save themas fresh as possible. Hence, eliminate or minimize heat treatment. And so many are interested in how to freeze snowmobile for winter in fresh form.

Immediately it is worth saying that freezing mushrooms withoutheat treatment can. So they will more fully preserve their unique flavor, which they will then give to the dish. Whereas during pre-cooking, part of the taste is lost.

Recipe: sort and sort the mushrooms, rinse them and soak for half an hour. Then dry on a towel and spread on a baking sheet in one layer. Freeze in the freezer at a temperature of -18-20 ° C. After decomposing in portions or containers.

An important rule: freeze fresh mushrooms in fresh form immediately, on the day of collection.

Many people do not trust mushrooms that do notwere heat treated. And although many housewives quietly keep the honey agaric in the freezer freshly frozen, most prefer to pre-cook them.

The most incredulous cooks boil honey agaric twotimes: the first time they wait for boiling and cook for about twenty minutes, and then change the water, add salt to it and lower the mushrooms in boiling water for another 10-15 minutes. Most people boil honey agaric once, the boiling time after boiling is 15-20 minutes. Some believe that these mushrooms need to be boiled in a small amount of water (1 glass for a 5-6-liter saucepan), no more than 10 minutes, with the addition of salt and bay leaf. And this broth is subsequently frozen in the same way and used to make soups and sauces.

Proceeding from the fact that honey agarics are suitable for freezingand in its fresh form, the cooking process is presented as a method of more compact storage of fungi: after heat treatment they give off a lot of water and lose much in volume.

How to freeze honey agarics for the winter in the refrigerator after boiling: recipe

After cooking, mushrooms need to be washed coldrunning water (so they immediately cool down) and folded into a colander. Allow time to drain all excess water. Drain 30 minutes on a towel. Spread on a baking sheet in one layer and put in a freezer. Prepacked in portions after full freezing.

How to freeze honey agarics for the winter? Recipes are different, but one of the most popular is the preparation of mushroom roe. In the classic version, mushroom roe - it's chopped mushrooms with spices and always with garlic, packed in jars.

But there are other ways. For example, to save space in the freezer, fresh honey agarics can be twisted and stored in this form for 3-4 months. This product can be obtained at any time, fry and used as a supplement to mashed potatoes or as a filling for pies.

There is another option, how to freeze firearms onwinter in the form of caviar. To do this, it is necessary to sort out the mushrooms and soak them in cold water for 30-40 minutes. Then boil them in salted water for 15-20 minutes. When cooking, do not forget to carefully remove the scum. After throwing the mushrooms on a strainer or in a colander, rinse them with cold water, allow time to drain all excess liquid.

After the honey it is necessary to twist, add salt andstir with a little bit of good olive oil. Such caviar is immediately ready for use and after defrosting does not require careful heat treatment.

How to freeze honey fungus for the winter in fried form? This is much easier to make than it seems: mushrooms are cooked as for ordinary frost, and then fried in a pan until the entire liquid evaporates and a light golden crust forms. Then the semi-finished product should be cooled down to room temperature, after which honey-mushrooms are laid out in portioned containers and poured with fat.

The downside of this method of storing mushrooms is that such a product can be stored for no more than 3 months, whereas ordinary boiled honey cans can lie in deep freezing for up to 1 year.

How to freeze honey agarics for the winter in the refrigerator after all the preparations?

  1. Freeze in the freezer, beforehandputting the thermostat at the lowest temperature. At ordinary household freezers this indicator does not happen more -25⁰С. It should be noted that frequent fluctuations in temperature do not go to the unit for use and shorten its service life.
  2. After full freezing,to shift into a warmer chamber with a temperature of -9 ° C. However, if possible, it is better to leave them in the deep-frozen compartment, this increases the shelf life.
  3. Ideally, you need to have a separate deep-frozen freezer: so you can not only maintain the ideal temperature, but also avoid the appearance of foreign smell in the mushrooms.
  4. Store mushrooms and other semi-finished products in a separate compartment of the freezer.
  5. You need to know how to freeze honey agarics for the winterfor maximum long-term storage: remember that roast caviar or mushrooms are stored no more than 3, maximum 4 months, while boiled are suitable for use after a year.
  6. Never freeze the food again, which is why it is so important to store the mushrooms in the freezer right away in the serving bowls.
  7. Sign the packages. So you can immediately know in which form these specific mushrooms are stored and how much they already lie.

It is important to know not only how to correctlyfreeze honey agarics for the winter, but also how to properly prepare them after defrosting. Here you should follow a simple rule: the smaller the mushrooms were subjected to heat treatment before freezing, the more they need to boil (fry, stew) in the dish. Otherwise, you can rely on your culinary fantasy, as frozen honey agarics can be an ingredient in hundreds of different dishes.

So, now you know how to freeze honey agarics for the winter. Recipes and advice are simple, and they are easy to repeat to any person.

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